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We put our love for pups and their health into all that we do.

Our Story



We are the Cason family. Our family has dedicated many years to breeding Goldendoodles that are healthy, happy, and family friendly! 

Not only do we strive for healthy bodies, but also healthy minds. One way that we do this is by raising our Goldendoodles on our farm, where they can explore freely and experience life with other animals, as well as our kids. 


Another way that we do this is by beginning the socialization and training process through strategic handling and exposure from day one. Our happy helpers take puppy socializing very serious! 


We are very lucky to have placed many family pets as well as physical and emotional support animals. 

All of our Goldendoodle puppies are kid tested and approved!


Tracy is a dog groomer with a background in animal health, which lends itself perfectly to ensuring happy, healthy puppies!


Our 3 puppy wranglers (kids) are enthusiastic about ensuring every puppy is well loved before coming home to their new family!

We can't wait to meet you and to help you find your new furry family friend. 

- The Cason Family

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