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What Is Guardianship?

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A guardian puppy/dog is placed with a local family at a reduced cost ($0-$500). The benefits to the Guardian family are they receive a top-quality puppy/dog, that must meet the strictest requirements to be in our breeding program, for such a low cost. They are also offered discounts on grooming and boarding. The puppy/dog also has a large panel of genetic tests done at the Breeder’s expense. The benefits to C5 Doodles is we will never be overcrowded. We prefer to only have an amount of adult dogs that we can give plenty of attention to. The guardian puppy/dog is benefited because they receive all the attention they could ever want from their Guardian Home.

Once a female guardian dog is of breeding age and on her second heat cycle she would come and stay with us to be bred for approximately 1 week. She is then returned to her guardian family where she will stay for the duration of her pregnancy until the week before her due date (56 days). A week before her due date she would come back to our home to deliver, raise, and wean her puppies for 5-7 weeks. We pay for all pregnancy-related veterinary expenses and testing. Not only is the guardian home getting a puppy for a very reduced price, but they are also being compensated for their time, travel and time spent away from thier pet. At the time the two litter contractual obligation is met.The


Guardian home can choose to:

A: Have the dog spayed at the breeder’s expense then she will enjoy the rest of her life with her guardian home.

B: Continue in a litter by litter basis contract with the breeder. Where the guardian home will receive %100 the sales of 1 puppy per litter for any additional litters until it is determined by the breeder that it is no longer in the best interest for the for the female to have further litters. Then at that time the female will be spayed at the cost of the breeder and return to live out her life with her guardian family.

How Can I Become a Guardian?

A few basic requirements that go into becoming a guardian home. The most basic being:


The home must NOT contain an intact dog of the opposite sex.


The home must be within a reasonable distance from breeders location, or the guardian be willing to drive the dog at ANYTIME to within a reasonable distance from the breeder. 


The guardian home must have a fenced (above ground or invisible) yard.


The guardians must have a positive veterinary reference.

If you meet these requirements and would like to seriously consider a pup for a guardian home we can send you the “Guardian Home” contract for review and proceed from there.  Please fill out the contact form below!

Please Review our Guardian Responsibilities and our Guardian Questionnaire.

Become a Guardian

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