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Puppy Health



We work hard to ensure you recieve a healthy puppy. Puppies are close to the ground, and that is where parasites and viruses exist. 

Puppies need vaccination at 6, 8, 12, 16 weeks and de-wormer every 2 weeks starting at 2 weeks until 16 weeks old. 


While in our care our puppies receive all age appropriate treatments until they leave for their "forever" homes. They also will receive a health check from our veterinarian to ensure they are at their best health when they leave.  


We recommend that you visit your veterinarian for a general check up with in 24-48 hours of bringing your puppy home. Any issues must be brought to our attentions within that time frame in order for our return policy to be valid.


To help ensure that we are providing the healthiest puppies possible our parents have OFA certified hips and elbows. All parents have been DNA health tested through EMBARK vet.  


You will receive records of all treatments given to your puppy while in our care. 


Follow up vaccinations will need to be arranged with your vet after your puppy comes home.  We recommend you follow your vet's protocol from that point on. 



There are many flea and tick preventatives on the market please work with your veterinarian to ensuring your puppy stays parasite free. 


Heartworm is a deadly disease that is preventable there are many options that can prevent this parasite. Please work with your vet to keep your puppy healthy. Wherever mosquitos are present parasites can thrive. 

Goldendoodles come in a variety of coat types from tight dense curls to loose soft waves that is why frequent grooming is a MUST. It is essential to brush and comb at least three times a week to remove shedding hair and keep the dense areas free of mats. 


Regular trips to the grooming salon are generally required. 

We recommend starting as early as possible with grooming. More so for training purposes than esthetics.  "Doodles" have a reputation in the grooming industry as being difficult.  More so because of misinformed owners. It is my job as responsible breeder and a groomer of 25 years to inform all of my owners of the best practices to start with a new puppy. 


I  recommend frequent grooming visits at a young age so that your puppy can learn that going to the groomers is a good thing!


 Most owners will find that they can manage their pups coat to a certain age. Typically between 7-12 months is when some dogs may receive their first full trim!  This can be terrifying for a inexperienced pup. 


That is why I insist their first visit be at 16 weeks.  Then continue every 4 weeks until 6 months of age.  In the first few months most owners enjoy the "puppy look". With detailed explination most groomers can achieve that look with a "basic or mini" groom. This gives the puppy opportunity to learn the process.  


Between 6 months and 1 year grooming visits may be pushed out to every 5-8 weeks


At this point most owners have found a style and length that is easiest for them to maintain at home. 


I am happy to answer any grooming questions. 

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