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Health and Testing

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All of our puppies go home, microchipped, 90 day health guaranteed, wormed, vaccinated, and vet checked. All puppies are introduced to crates at 8 weeks old, and are crate trained if they remain with us after 8 weeks. Older puppies are leash trained and are taught basic commands such as sit, stay, and recall. All puppies are socialized and learn pack manners from our retired dogs, as well as their littermates. We are sure to give our puppies the foundation to thrive in their new homes. 

We invest in health testing such as Embark and Animal Genetics DNA companies that test for over 150 Genetic diseases, OFA and Penn Hip tested hips, as well as OFA certified elbows, knees, heart, and eyes. Those test are what set us apart from the majority of Oklahoma Goldendoodle Breeders. 

We follow all the health testing guidelines recommended by GANA (Goldendoodle Association of North America) 

We pay close attention to sound structure in our parent (breeding dogs), and I specifically select dogs that compliment each other structurally to help enhance the puppies overall confirmation. We are mindful of coat qualities such as curl, texture, furnishings and colors, but it is not our primary focus. 

The environment that our puppies move into once they leave our home is likely much different than the environment on our farm. We recommend that you pick up training as soon as you bring your pup home, so that their training will carry over. We encourage our owners to look into private obedience trainers, or even online training such as but not limited to Baxter and Bella

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